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Please donate and help us create a one-of-a-kind shark research and education facility in Connecticut.  Nestled adjacent to I-84 near Danbury, CT we are looking to raise sufficient funds to establish a year-round location that will not only partake in cutting-edge shark conservation research but also provide daily instruction and shark encounters for youth and adults.  This facility will be used to inspire the next generation of Marine Biologists by allowing them to get up close and personal with sharks under the direct supervision of Shark Week star Dr. Craig O'Connell and through that, O'Seas will continue to fulfill their mission.   Presently, our plans include two, 40,000 gallon interactive reefs, multiple shark exhibition tanks, Shark Week exhibits (e.g. items used during shark week expeditions will be put on display), and life-size shark replicas and jaws with informative descriptions.


Additional Notes:  


1)  Funds will be directly used to purchase our interactive tanks, filtration systems, and conservation gear (e.g. novel and less-invasive shark fishing hooks).  We are looking to raise $250,000.00 and plan to commence development in early 2024.  


2)  The name of each donor will be placed on a special 'Donor Wall' within the facility to acknolwedge your incredible gift and contribution.


3)  If interested in donating a larger amount, we would like to discuss the possibility of naming one of our exhibits after you - please inquire.  

Connecticut Shark Research and Education Facility

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