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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Magazine Publications

O’Connell, C.P.  2013.  The Sharksafe Barrier Project:  A New and Eco-friendly Solution to Detrimental Beach Nets.  Shark Focus Magazine.  Link.



Photograph Publications

Ocean and Coastal Management Special Issue:  Cover Photograph

Photograph:  Southern Stringray at the Sapona. Link.


Smithsonian Magazine: Top 10 Shark Photographs in Last 10 Years                                             

Photograph:  Great Hammerhead Swimming Overhead. Link.


American Elasmobranch Society Calendar                                                                                            

Photograph:  Caribbean Reef Shark Cruising the Shallows.


American Elasmobranch Society Calendar

Photograph:  Great Hammerhead Shark Swimming Overhead in South Bimini, Bahamas. 


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