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What is the Exclusion Barrier?

The EXCLUSION BARRIER is a patented, novel and eco-friendly technology that represents a viable alternative to the detrimental shark nets and drumlines used in places like South Africa and Australia.  


Youth Education

While we feel that marine conservation and public safety are incredibly important, we also feel that youth education is equally important.  In 2023, we incorporated engineering courses to our 'Shark Camp' activities where high school students got to directly participate in the Exclusion Barrier construction.


Results:  Environmental Conditions

A limitation for other barrier tech is the environment as other systems can't hold up in big swell or breaking waves.  A key feature of our tech is it can withstand high energy coastlines. In our experiment, the structure remained intact in 9ft swells, 5ft breaking waves, and very strong currents!  

IMG_4937 2.JPG


The team tried to lure white sharks through the barrier with the use of baited remote underwater video systems (BRUVS).  Only 2.5lbs of bait was permitted; however, it was sufficient to attract quite a few white sharks.  Our cameras captured the interactions and helped us identify how many white sharks interacted with our barrier

IMG_4851 2.jpg

Results: Shark Behavior

Preliminary trials were conucted in 2021 and we completed experimentation in 2023.  A total of 15-23 different white sharks interacted with the barrier, and the swim patterns of all were successfully manipulated.  

white shark barrier.jpg


No more excuses that the technology is too expensive!  We have developed this so it is affordable.  For a 15ft deep deployment, it is approximately $150/3ft; however, our team is raising funds to cover the material costs!  If you are interested in finding out more, please inquire with our team! 

Dr Craig O'Connell and Exclusion Barrier.jpg
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