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New York Shark Camp

Registration for Shark Camp 2024 is OPEN!

Shark Camp is a one-of-a-kind field experience for students in 9th-12th grade.  If your child is interested in Marine Biology, this one-week hands-on course is for them.  This exciting experience will have activities ranging from GPS navigation to tagging massive sharks (e.g. blue, shortfin mako, and white sharks).  Being taught by Discovery Channel Shark Week Superstar Dr. and Cpt. Craig O'Connell (USCG 6-Pack OUPV), the camp will give your children the opportunity of a lifetime to understand what it is like to be a Marine Biologist and to participate in ground-breaking scientific research.  Click here to inquire about further information.  

The "Battie O III"


Our team is excited to announce that we have purchased a 33' WorldCat TE with two 2016 250 hp Yamahas to be used for our field excursions.  This boat is perfect for small-scale shark research projects, in addition to educational hands-on instruction. 

Shark Research


Throughout the camp, your children will get top-notch Marine Biology training, including a chance to observe large sharks from the safety of the research vessel.  Multiple times per week, the crew will deploy a small-scale longline to assess the shark species living along the New York coastline.  The majority of the sharks captured will be small (including spiny and smooth dogfish); however, we may capture a thresher, blue, sandbar, mako, or even a white shark. 


Upon capture, sharks will be immediately tagged, data recorded, de-hooked and released.  In addition, O'Seas has added a bunch of additional projects for 2020 that are bound to make this a life-changing experience.  Some of these activities are:

  1. Active Shark Tracking

  2. Baited Remote Underwater Video System Deployment

  3. FinCam Post-Release Survivability Assessment


Video of Shark Camp Experience


2014 marked the first full-year of the Shark Camp experience.  It was an incredible summer filled with sharks (e.g. great whites, smooth dogfish, sandbar, and dusky sharks) , humpback whales, and many other marine species.  To the left, you will see some of the highlights from our Shark Camp Expeditions. 


This experience is an opportunity of a lifetime that will educate your child though field experiences giving him/her the proper motivation to want to excel towards a college education. 

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