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O'Seas Conservation Foundation is proud of its campers and one of our key goals is to develop these campers into future Marine Biologists, environmental stewards...and O'Seas volunteers.  Each year, we select campers who are exhibiting tremendous passion, growth, and leadership during their participation in Shark Camp.  Once selected as a Fellow, the camper gains more responsibility and learns new tasks so they eventually can help Dr. Craig O'Connell and his team not only during Shark Camp, but also during other shark research opportunities, such as filming experiences and abroad research expeditions.  This opportunity lasts over the course of 1 year.


TYLER MACE (2019) - Tyler Mace is a sophomore at Staples High School in Westport, CT, but has always known he wanted to work with sharks. He loves fishing, diving, and pretty much anything around the ocean or other bodies of water.  He has attended Dr. O’Connell’s summer program for three years, and, in October of 2018, spent a week in Guadalupe Island, Mexico, cage diving and doing research on Great White sharks in the area. Tyler spends as much time as he can learning about sharks, their behaviors, and their habitats. He is a PADI certified Junior Advanced Open Water Diver, Underwater Naturalist and Coral Reef Conservationist as well as a certified Junior Boat Diver. At his high school, Tyler is a varsity ice hockey player, a rugby player and an active volunteer. He is a 4-year saxophone player and also plays the drums. He enjoys spending time with his two dogs and the rest of his family during his free time.
STEVEN SITZER (2020) - I am Steven Sitzer and am currently a junior at Bethlehem Central Highschool, I plan to major in Marine Biology in college and hope one day to become a Marine Biologist and help conserve the planet's oceans and environment. 
TIMOTHY LIS (2020) - I'm Timothy Lis, I am currently a sophomore at Gonzaga College High School, and my future goals are to get a Ph.D. in marine biology and become a shark researcher. 
AMBER GEORGE (2021) - Hello, my name is Amber Elizabeth George and I am sixteen years old. I am in eleventh grade and I am passionate about Marine Biology, especially regarding the study of sharks. After high school, I plan on going to college to get a Ph.D. degree in Marine Biology and work with professionals to study, track, and, conserve sharks and other marine life.

JACOB KLIPP (2021) - I'm Jacob, i'm 17 and I currently live in Delaplane, Virginia.  I have a passion for diving and a love of sharks.  Since being SCUBA certified at the age of 10, i've been diving in Belize, Cozumel, Grand Cayman and the Bahamas.  


Once I complete  high school, I plan on continuing my education and majoring in either Maine Biology or Physics. 

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