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Youth education is a key purpose of OCF.  One program that we would like to initiate in the summer of 2015 is Adopt-A-Shark.  For this program, we will be collaborating with multiple K-12 Facilities, and anybody else who would like to donate and participate.  Once donations reach the required amount, a satellite tag will be purchased, OCF will go shark fishing and tag one common thresher (until sufficient funds are reached for a second, third... shark) or several other species of shark.  Besides these findings being used for scientific data and manuscripts, organizations and donators will be given the following:


1)  A video of the tagging process of their tagged shark

2)  An 8" x 10" glossy photograph of the shark  

3)  Two educational and shark-related lesson plans that can be used for any grade (school donators only)

4)  Up-to-date tracking maps of your shark movements

5)  A final map print of the overall shark movements



Note:  Should a school want to participate and donate their own tag, a display can be placed in your lobby that will permit students to watch the daily movements of their shark each week for the whole school year.  In addition, two exceptional students will be selected from your school to participate in the fishing and tagging process.  If you are interested and would like further information, please contact us.   



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